Letter: Our students are our future

To the Editor:

As a PROUD teacher, resident, and tax payer of the North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale, School Dist. #622, I urge you to vote YES on the upcoming levy on Nov. 3!!
Our students are our future. District #622 has an incredible number of long-term residents that have raised their families and taken advantage of the outstanding education offered in the North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale schools. Every voter should want young families to put District #622 at the top of their list for places they want to raise a family and get the best education possible. All Minnesota school districts have an operating levy in place to support student learning.  District #622 ranks last out of the largest 20 Twin Cities Metro school districts in per student referendum funding! In fact, we’ve not increased our voter-approved operating levy since 2002. It is time to stand up and send the message that our schools are distinguished and deserve our continued support and confidence!! It is our responsibility and duty as a community to ensure that ALL students get the very best chance to succeed at whatever they choose to do in their lives. Anyone who cares about the welfare of children regardless if you have school age children or not and anyone who cares about their community should support the District #622 School levy on Nov. 3 Please support our students and our community — vote YES, YES on the Nov. 3rd ballot.

Julie Swanson
3rd Grade Teacher
Cowern Elementary


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