SWAT team called in for man with shotgun

Shortly before 8 p.m. July 4 North St. Paul police responded to a domestic disturbance call on Fourth Avenue.

The 28-year-old male suspect allegedly pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend and those who were helping her pack up her belongings in the driveway to move, as the two engaged in an argument.

He then reportedly fled into the residence with the firearm. When North St. Paul police responded to the call, they secured the perimeter and waited for the East Metro SWAT team to arrive.

After several hours of silence from inside the house, the SWAT team entered the residence and discovered the suspect had already fled the neighborhood.

North St. Paul Police Chief Dustin Nikituk said officers located a shotgun inside the house and have a warrant out for the man's arrest.

According to Nikituk, there have been numerous calls to the residence in the past. The Independence Day incident appears to have been alcohol-related.

Nikituk said the man could be charged with felony charges for possession of a firearm, terroristic threats and second-degree assault.

The suspect was formerly convicted of two misdemeanors for careless driving and disorderly conduct, according to a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension search. 

"Domestic disturbances are a dangerous event in general and to compound matters when a firearm is involved, it even makes it more dangerous," Nikituk says. "If someone is involved with this type of situation, it's imperative they get to a place of safety then call 911 immediately."

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