Letter: 'Time to think'

To the editor:

Time to start thinking about who you feel are the best qualified candidates to keep Maplewood progressing. Two years ago we elected our Mayor and two other very qualified City Council Ladies and they have done a great job of keeping us on the right track. Thankfully, they have another 2 year term.
However, two Council seats are to be filled this year and I have been studying the three men candidates, I would choose from. I do not know any of them personally, so only know what I have read or heard about them and visited by phone with two of them. At this point I would say anyone of the three are certainly well qualified. Bill Kempe seems to have been most active in City activities and the most aware of how our City operates, so he would be my first choice. Bryan Smith has also been very politically involved in our city and elsewhere so would understand the progress we need to make. Tou Xiong sounds like a very good candidate for reference of future City office. He is studying for bar exams in July, works now for Minnesota Housing Finance Committee so has had some good experience.
Please study the Candidates before you vote and talk to them to see if they have your goals for our city, in mind. Please Vote, it is so easy now, thanks to the improvement the past few years, no waiting in long lines. Early voting at City Hall, you do not have to have any excuse to vote absentee now. I like to boast as an AARP Advocate I worked on that, and received a thank you letter from Governor Dayton in 2013. Voting is a privilege, but also a duty, if we want to keep good Government.

Christeen M Stone

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