Lauderdale to switch to single-sort recycling

Next week on garbage day, Lauderdale residents will be rolling out another cart with their trash cans. The city is making the switch to single-sort recycling carts through Eureka Recycling.

Lauderdale residents will now be able to comingle all recyclable materials—most paper, cans, plastics and glass bottles—except No. 3 and No. 6 plastics, for which Eureka says there is “no market.” No. 3 plastic is PVC or vinyl-based plastics, and No. 6 plastic is commonly found as Styrofoam.

Until recently, the city said, Eureka used a two-sort system for recycling. However, they hope the switch will “boost overall recycling participation,” according to a city release. The city assured residents in the release that comingling recyclables does not diminish the amount of items that can be recycled.

Futhermore, Lauderdale says the switch to single-sort could potentially lead to curbside compost collection in the future.

The cost of the new carts, which will be owned by the city, is estimated at $30,000 to $40,000. A Ramsey County grant will cover the expenses, and residents will not see a cost increase on their garbage bill. Recycling charges are found on property tax statements as a “waste management assessment,” and all residents are charged whether they participate in the recycling program or not.

Residents will receive a 64-gallon cart by default, though Jim Bownik, assistant to the city administrator, says there are some 34-gallon and 94-gallon carts available to those looking to scale back or go up a size. Residents’ old bins are recyclable—though not in the new carts—so the city recommends residents repurpose the bins or find a new use for them.

Bownik said the council seemed excited about the new system, adding that unlike the existing bins, the new carts will have lids to prevent recyclables from blowing around.

The new carts were expected to be delivered to residents this week. The first day the carts should be rolled out to the street—not in alleys—is Monday, May 18, by 7 a.m.

Bownik added that residents who are unable to roll out the carts themselves can request walk-up service.

Nearby Arden Hills switched to single-sort recycling carts with help from a county grant through the city’s new recycling provider, Republic Services, at the beginning of the month. Arden Hills had previously contracted with Eureka for single-sort recycling bins, not carts.

For more information about the switch to single-sort in Lauderdale or questions regarding the new carts, call City Hall at 651-792-7650 or call Eureka Recycling at 612-669-2783.

—Johanna Holub

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