Helping Parents of Adult Children: Letting Go in Love

"Helping Parents of Adult Children," a five-session workshop taking place at Incarnation Lutheran Church in Shoreview, is for parents who struggle with how to influence their adult child and how to cope with feelings of worry, guilt, anxiety and fear as well as how to determine the appropriate parental role and responsibly with this age group.  

Many parents of adult children experience a range of emotions and feel:

• confused about their role and often alone in their quest for answers.

• hurt that their adult children have cut off communication or are unwilling to listen to advice.  

• angry with their adult children because of actions they are taking such as failing to pursue education or finding a job or moving out of the basement.

• worried and fearful about adult children who have physical, mental health or substance abuse problems or relationship problems.  

• ambivalent as to how much to help or not help their adult child who may have financial problems, marital problems, child care challenges, etc.

Cell phones, email, the internet and other changes in society have raised the awareness of challenges these adult children face in ways past generations have not faced. It's a much more challenging world today for both parents and their adult child.

The sessions will take place on Thursdays, May 7 and 21; June 4 and 18 from 7:30-9 p.m. The cost is $15 per person or $25 per couple. To register, visit or call 651-484-7213 by Sunday, May 3.

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