Quite the week in Little Canada

Arrests, Thefts and more around Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, and Roseville - Roseville Review police reports March 3, 2015.

Falcon Heights

Being arrested in the 1600 block of Como Avenue for speeding with a revoked license and no insurance Feb. 15 means the 41-year-old man should bring bus fare to his court date.

Displaying or possessing altered license plates is illegal and can result in your arrest. It happened at Snelling and Garden avenues on Valentine’s Day to a 23-year-old man who had gotten creative with his plates.

Arrested at Larpenteur and Snelling avenues for the usual “pull me over” beacon, the cracked windshield, the 24-year-old woman was also cited Feb. 10 for driving after license suspension and failure to provide proof of insurance.


Maybe his “darked out” license plate light was an attempt at keeping a low profile, but that’s also what got him stopped. The 20-year-old man was also charged Feb. 10 at Larpenteur Avenue and Malvern Street for driving after license revocation.

A 20-year-old female was assaulted by a 27-year-old female Feb. 11 at Hwy. 280 and Broadway Street N.E. Police are looking for the suspect.

Going and going
Like the bunny, they just keep on going. Roseville police recovered the 19-year-old Honda Civic with a damaged ignition Feb. 10, soon after it was reported stolen in the 1500 block of Eustis Street. Suspects are in custody.

Little Canada

Confusion on Ruth Street
When their toddler cousins began fighting Feb. 21, the young parents joined the fray. Twenty-year-old Dad punched 24-year-old Mom in the stomach, so Sis, 24, grabbed a knife and laid open a four-inch slice in her brother’s forehead. The victim disarmed Sis, who called 911, accusing her wounded brother of untoward activity. That brother left the scene and a second brother, armed with a broom, challenged arriving deputies who arrested the 26-year-old on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing the legal process. Sis was soon on her way to jail on a pending charge of felony domestic assault.

Repo activity
The repo man arrived Feb. 17 and began hooking up the 2011 Toyota Camry when the owner suddenly appeared. The 42-year-old man went in through the passenger side of the tow truck, grabbing the 37-year-old driver, and fists flew. The car owner was shoved out of the truck, landing on his head. The repo man left with the Camry, and the owner, who went for medical treatment, is looking into pressing charges.

Raising a ruckus
An out-of-control teen at Capitol View Alternative Learning Center lost it Feb. 19, threatening and attempting to hit and kick female staff members and punching the school resource officer in the nose. The 16-year-old boy from East Bethel was transported to the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center on pending charges of gross misdemeanor fourth-degree assault, fifth-degree assault and obstruction of the legal process with force.

What are you doing here?
A 21-year-old mom and her 21-year-old female friend went to a Rice Street biker bar late on Feb. 22, not expecting to run into her 21-year-old baby daddy. Dad punched out both Mom and her friend in the parking lot, 911 was called, and Dad went to jail on pending charges of fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct.


Thefts were reported:
• Feb. 19 at Rosedale Center
• Feb. 19 at Kohl’s
• Feb. 20 in the 1700 block of Highway 36 West
• Feb. 21 at Days Inn
• Feb. 22 at Rosedale Center
• Feb. 23 at Rosedale Center
• Feb. 23 in the 2400 block of Long Lake Road North
• Feb. 23 at SuperAmerica on Lexington Avenue

Motor vehicle thefts were reported:
• Feb. 24 in the 1400 block of County Road C West
• Feb. 24 at Har Mar Mall

Thefts from auto were reported:
• Feb. 20 at King of Kings Lutheran Church
• Feb. 24 in the 200 block of Grandview Avenue West
• Feb. 24 in the 2800 block of Rice Street North

Shoplifting was reported:
• Feb. 19 at Rosedale Center
• Feb. 20 at Wal-Mart
• Feb. 20 at Har Mar Mall
• Feb. 21 at Cub Foods
• Feb. 21 at Wal-Mart
• Feb. 22 at Har Mar Mall
• Feb. 22 at Cub Foods
• Feb. 23 at Kohl’s
• Feb. 24 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue North

Driving while intoxicated was reported:

• Feb. 19 near the intersection of County Road C West and Lexington Avenue North
• Feb. 20 near the intersection of Terminal Road West and Walnut Street North
• Feb. 20 at Marathon Gas
• Feb. 21 at Applebee’s
• Feb. 22 in the 2800 block of Victoria Street North
• Feb. 22 near the intersection of County Road B2 West and Lexington Avenue North
• Feb. 24 at Marathon Gas

Disorderly Conduct
Disorderly conduct was reported:

• Feb. 19 at Radisson Hotel
• Feb. 20 at Motel 6
• Feb. 20 in the 2400 block of Fairview Avenue North
• Feb. 21 at Willow Gate
• Feb. 21 at Papa Murphy’s
• Feb. 21 at Motel 6
• Feb. 21 at Rosedale Center
• Feb. 23 near the intersection of County Road B2 West and Victoria Street North
• Feb. 23 in the 2800 block of Rice Street North
• Feb. 24 in the 600 block of Highway 36 West

Property Damage
Criminal damage to property was reported:

• Feb. 24 near the intersection of Little Canada Road West and Rice Street North

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