McCollum wins by a wide margin

Retaining her seat in Minnesota’s Fourth Congressional District on Tuesday, Nov. 4, DFLer Betty McCollum will serve another two years in the U.S. House.

Betty McCollum

Betty McCollum

The 60-year-old from St. Paul beat out challengers Sharna Wahlgren, a Republican, and Dave Thomas, an Independence Party member.

McCollum took 65 percent of the vote, while Wahlgren garnered 29 percent and Thomas had 6 percent.

Prior to her election to Congress in 2001, McCollum served in the state House and on the North St. Paul City Council.

McCollum says her foremost legislative priority is addressing the threat of the terrorist expansion of ISIL in Syria and Iraq. She said she supports air strikes against ISIL, saying Congress should “immediately authorize any sustained use of force with strict limits on U.S. ground forces.”

She said, “The jihadist recruits and fighters flowing uncontrolled into Syria from Turkey must be stopped,” adding that until the unrest there is contained, she doesn’t support the U.S. arming and training Syrian rebel fighters.

—Patrick Larkin


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