Snail Lake boat launch closed for more plant removal

The boat launch in Shoreview's Snail Lake Regional Park is closed until further notice as crews continue to remove large mats of plants from the lake using heavy equipment, according to a Ramsey County release.

The plant removal, necessary because high water levels on the lake uprooted large clumps of cattails and other vegetation in July, began about a month ago and was estimated to cost about $50,000. The removal cost was split between three entities: the city of Shoreview, Ramsey County and the Snail Lake Improvement District, which advises the city council on matters related to the management of the lake.

Shoreview City Council approved the removal because the mats, sometimes referred to as "bogs," were hazardous to water recreationists and could damage docks and other equipment along the shoreline.

To remove the plants, crews guide the bogs near the shore where a back hoe scoops them out of the water. During the previous cleanup, lake shore residents assisted crews in pontoon boats to wrangle masses of plants.

Once on dry land, the vegetative mats dry out and can be composted.

According to the county release, the boat launch should be open for use by Labor Day.

--Mike Munzenrider

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