Letter: Study the candidates, then vote in Aug. 12 primary

To the editor:

I commend Margaret Sletten-Behrens for her excellent letter in last week’s Review, and I agree with her 100 percent.

I am a volunteer advocate who has worked 27 years with AARP. I knew Rebecca Otto when she was a state representative, and she served seniors well.

I have been so proud of the great state auditor she has been and all the national recognition given to her. Rebecca will get my vote in the Aug. 12 primary.

I have been happy that so far we have not had too many negative TV commercials. I love Al Franken’s positive ads that let the people tell us the things he has accomplished. His door has always been open to us as seniors to support our issues.

I haven’t figured out Senate candidate Mike McFadden’s latest ad; at least it isn’t negative. I had expected Jim Abler to win the Republican endorsement for the U.S. Senate. Abler has served well for 16 years as a state representative and tried working for solutions between both parties. I knew him as chair of the Health Care Committee, and I regret his campaign isn’t better financed.

I admire any legislator who puts his or her own principles ahead of party policy. I do hope everyone is studying the issues and ready to get out and vote for the people they feel will do the best job for our state and on a national level.

Christeen M Stone


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