Letter: Supporting Rebecca Otto

Letter to the editor:

I am proud to support Rebecca Otto for Minnesota State Auditor.

Rebecca’s integrity speaks for itself. Her commitment to the taxpayers of Minnesota is without compare.

Rebecca’s commitment to transparency and full accountability to the taxpayers of Minnesota has been proven throughout her years of quality public service as our State Auditor.

I believe that my cousin, Former Minnesota State Auditor, Stafford King would also approve of Rebecca’s service as our Auditor.  Stafford King was a Republican. Stafford served as our State Auditor for several terms before he retired in 1969.

Staffords’ commitment was to the people of Minnesota before the political party he aligned with. 

I am very impressed with Rebecca’s service to the people who she protects before the politics. Just like Stafford King did.

Vote Rebecca Otto

Margaret Sletten-Behrens, D.D.
Ramsey Conservation District
Board Supervisor


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