Jedi mind tricks apparently don’t work on local police

And: Watch out for the chickens flying the coop

South-West Review police reports published July 27, 2014 for Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights


— While a husband and wife were sleeping, someone reportedly rummaged through their garage and the two vehicles parked in it. The service door was left unlocked, creating any easy point of entry at the home on the 7600 block of Barbara Court. Luckily, nothing appeared to be stolen, the couple told police the morning after, July 5. 

— A resident reported July 10 that it appeared someone had tried to break into his house by prying a screen off of a window with a screw driver. Police assessing the scene along the 8400 block of Asiatic Avenue said it appeared the burglars never made it into the residence; the dog may have scared them away.


— A 2007 Toyota Corolla was stolen — again. It’s unclear how or when it was taken, before the owner noticed it was gone early July 6.


— Apparently you can get into trouble for driving without a license, even if you’re just a passenger. An officer saw in the passenger seat of a car a 26-year-old St. Paul man who was known to have arrest warrants. The officer stopped the vehicle. The man identified himself and then said that he indeed had warrants for driving four times after his license was revoked. He was transported to jail.

—A 24-year-old South St. Paul man was arrested for a felony for receiving stolen property, but he nearly got away. Police stopped the vehicle he rode in due to a cracked windshield and because the car crossed the center line. Just a passenger in the car, the man and the vehicle were at first let go. South St. Paul police then confirmed he had a warrant that wasn’t tied to his driver’s license number, and so the officer stopped the vehicle again and arrested the man.

Road rage

— It’s hard to tell who’s committing the road rage in this July 11 report. A West St. Paul woman tried to pass a car while driving, but the other driver quickly caught up with her. Stopped at a light, she, for some reason, waited when the light turned green to allow the car behind her to pass her. But instead of passing her, the driver opened his car door. Feeling threatened, she got out of her car with a bat in her hand, asking the driver what his problem was. He then said, “I’ve got someting for you, b----,” and reportedly tried to run her over. Abruptly changing his mind, he then drove around the passenger side, rolled down his window and punched her mirror with his fist. Confused? So was the officer taking the report: “(her) recollection of the incident was very difficult to follow and understand.” The woman was only able to give a vague description of the “suspect.”

South St. Paul


— A woman’s tire was slashed sometime over the weekend through July 21. The victim suspected foul play by juveniles.

— The main sign for a nursing home was spray-painted twice recently. Maintenance was able to remove it the first time, but apparently the vandals came back, using the same spray paint. In both incidents of vandalism, “H heart K” and “old age 4 ever” were spray-painted on the sign. At a church, the same brown paint was used to write “I love my girl Kayla.”

—A woman reported the back window of her vehicle had been smashed July 17 along the 1300 block of Fourth Street North.


— A local business was broken into sometime overnight. July 15, the morning after, an employee reported to police that the main offices were broken into and cash was stolen. The locked door appeared to have been kicked in. There were no cameras in the office area.

— Cash, quarters, pain killers and sleeping pills were stolen out of a man’s locked apartment the afternoon of July 18. The victim, the caretaker for the building, said he believed the suspect had a key to his place. Several other apartments were also broken into.


— Rub-a-dub-dub, someone stole the tub. A cast iron bathtub was stolen July 16 from behind the victim’s home. Her dad dropped it off, and it went missing about a day later. The victim suspected scrappers took it to sell the tub at a recycling center.

—The bike thieves are still at it. Another bike was stolen after it was left outside unlocked July 13 at the 100 block of 15th Avenue South. It was valued at $500.

—A bike valued at $400 was stolen July 19. It was unlocked, parked outside by the house along the 600 block of 12th Avenue North. 


— A woman tried to tell the officers arresting her that they had the wrong person, but dispatchers said otherwise. Police found her sitting on her porch July 8, intending to arrest her for an active misdemeanor warrant. Once they put her in handcuffs, she became irate, shouted obscenities and told police they were falsely arresting her. The officers confirmed the warrant with the dispatch information channel, and she was taken to jail.

—Jedi mind tricks evidently don’t work on local police officers, so don’t even try saying something like “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” when they’re at your house to arrest you. On July 17, officers tried to arrest a man at his home due to his multiple warrants. One officer went to the front of the house, and the other went to the back. The officer saw the man at the back door, said he was a police officer and told him to open the door. The man ran into the basement while yelling, “(His name) is not here.”
The officer yelled for the 50-year-old to come to the door, and eventually the man’s mother let the officer in the house. With his gun drawn, the officer went into the basement; the second officer had a taser. The man was hiding in a bathroom closet, and wouldn’t come out until an officer pulled him out and arrested him.

West St. Paul


— An employee was fired from a senior living facility, after being caught on tape going through a resident’s wallet. The manager reported the situation to police July 18.

—Vehicle break-ins in an underground garage were reported at an apartment complex July 16. 

—A caller reported that a woman walked up to the complainant’s front porch and stole a package July 18. The caller thought she saw her, and then took the package and ran to get away in a light blue vehicle.

—A vehicle was broken into sometime between July 19-21. The driver’s side window was shattered, and a CD player was stolen. There was no surveillance footage, because the power had gone out and the cameras didn’t reboot at the apartment complex.

—A package was stolen from another front step Friday along the 100 block of Moreland Avenue July 18. 

—A vehicle was broken into July 21 at the 200 block of Bernard Street West.


— A caller said a young man was standing with a ninja sword at an apartment complex July 17. The sword-wielder didn’t threaten the caller, but the smell of liquor was wafting from him. Police searched the area, but didn’t find him.

Animal call

— Watch out for the chickens flying the coop. Two chickens were running loose in a residential area July 18. The neighbor told police it was an ongoing issue. Police advised the chicken owner that she wouldn’t be violating city ordinance, if she keeps them contained.


— A car and bike collided near Dodd Road and Winona Street West July 18. The biker was lying in the street; he initially declined medical treatment. The man was riding the bicycle intoxicated, and crashed into a moving car. He had facial and spinal injuries, and so was transported to the hospital.


— A building on Robert Street South was tagged on the west and south sides. Spray-painted onto the wall were sayings “murder over everything” and “remember my name.” 

Utility call

— The power went out at Moreland Elementary around 4:21 p.m. July 21. About 100 kids were there for summer school. 


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