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Plus: Can’t fence this fox

South-West Review police reports published July 20, 2014 for Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights

Ordinance violation
—  Talk about a cock-a-doodle-don’t. The morning of July 4, an anonymous caller reported a neighbor had a rooster that keeps waking him up in the morning. The responding officer found a rooster in a pen in the man’s backyard. The officer left the man a copy of the city ordinance that prohibits crowing roosters and a note saying he had until Monday to remove the fowl or he would be cited.

Off-road driving
— A West St. Paul man looking for some excitement got a little too literal about bucking a stick-in-the-mud mentality. An officer patrolling Heritage Park June 28 happened upon an unoccupied truck witnesses said had been stuck in the mud for more than an hour. The truck had traveled about 100 feet into the park when its spinning tires became completely buried in mud. The officer contacted the truck’s listed owner. The 26-year-old man received a citation for operating a motor vehicle in a city park, and he said he would work on getting his truck unstuck.

— Double the arrests, double the fun? Just after midnight June 29, an officer on traffic safety detail in South St. Paul randomly ran a license plate and discovered the vehicle’s owner was wanted on a felony-level counterfeiting/fraud warrant. The officer stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver, a 41-year-old South St. Paul man, on the warrant. The passenger, a 34-year-old Minneapolis man, also happened to have a felony warrant, for first-degree assault. He was also arrested.

— The morning of June 30, a 47-year-old Lino Lakes man reported his car tires were stolen overnight. It was a $2,000 loss. Surveillance cameras caught the suspect vehicle’s license plate number, but police weren’t able to find contact information for the registered owner.

— A woman’s wallet, car and house keys were stolen late July 3. She’d had a friend at her house earlier fixing her front door. The woman said she took a shower while the man was there, because she trusted him, but when she got out of the bathroom, her stuff was missing. The man denied taking anything from the woman, adding he’s known her for years and this kind of thing happens all the time. She usually finds her things a few hours later, he said. With nothing else to go on, the case was rendered inactive.

South St. Paul

— An 18-year-old man was apparently so busy learning his “rights” that he missed  learning what sidewalks are for. Two officers on bike patrol July 5 at about 9:30 p.m. saw a young man walking in the middle of a traffic lane and smoking an e-cigarette. One officer asked the man what was going on. He said he was walking. He continued to walk, although the officer asked him to hold up. The man informed the officer he knew his rights and they didn’t have a reason to stop him.
The officer observed that the man looked a little too young to be smoking an e-cigarette, plus, he was walking down the middle of the oncoming traffic lane, so there were a couple of reasons to start a conversation. The officer told the pedestrian it was fine to walk, but he needed to use the sidewalk.

At this point the walker began to debate the point, maintaining “everyone” walks in the street, and bolstering his argument by turning away and continuing to amble down the asphalt. The officer got off his bike, grabbed the man’s arm in an “escort hold from behind,” escorted him to the sidewalk and let go.

The debater spun around to face the officer, and so the officer backed him up against a fence on the sidewalk near Veterans Field and told him he would be cited for failing to use the sidewalk. The man has been mailed a citation for violating city ordinances, but at the scene claimed he’d sue the cop for being bumped up against the fence.

— Two bikes were reported stolen July 15, after a couple came back from vacation and found their specialized bikes, one pink and one blue, totaling more than $1,000 in value, were missing. Apparently the garage door hadn’t been staying closed properly, which was probably a factor in the theft.

— Although she hid one incentive from passerby thieves, she forgot to take care of another. A woman’s laptop, worth $1,200, was stolen out of her car. She put a sweatshirt over it to hide it early July 12, but apparently forgot to lock the doors.

— A man with a gambling problem recently gambled on his relationships for a loan. A 26-year-old Cannon Falls man admitted July 9 that he had stolen money from his sister. He said he knew it was wrong and was willing to face the consequences. Because of the amount stolen, he was arrested. While his sister was in the shower, he apparently took a roll of $100 bills, totaling $1,000, and $460 of paper-clipped bills. The sister told him he had until 5 p.m. July 9 to return the money or she would call the police. The sister later found the man at a casino. The brother offered $32 and his next check. After he was arrested, he told police he had a gambling problem which has escalated since he lost a large amount of money loaned to him by someone at a horse track. When he couldn’t pay the loan back, the person took his phone and started threatening his ex-fiancee via text. He rushed back to his sister’s, grabbed the money, and then gave it to the loaner. He’s now facing a felony charge for theft.

— Officers responded to a report of a passed-out male July 12 after 1 a.m. They found the 19-year-old West St. Paul man at a picnic table with a black brief case. Although his blood alcohol level was .008, he admitted to having four Xanax around midnight. Officers found another man’s ID and business cards in the briefcase — it was clear the satchel didn’t belong to the teen. Police found the briefcase owner, whose car was in disarray.  The young man was arrested for underage consumption, possession of stolen property and tampering with a motor vehicle. He was transported to jail, but the jail staff denied him, due to his impairment. So, he was taken to the hospital. 

— A 33-year-old South St. Paul woman turned herself in July 17. She had a warrant for her arrest for fraud. An officer transported her to Dakota County jail.

— A 24-year-old South St. Paul woman was arrested July 12, because she had a warrant out for her arrest for second-degree sale of three grams or more of various drugs and for second-degree drug possession. The bail was set at $300,000.

Property damage
— Semitrailers just don’t go down as smoothly as dominoes. Four semitrailers were parked in a lot for semi-trucks and trailers the afternoon of July 12. One of the drivers backed into the first one, which hit a second one and crumpled a support leg so it toppled into a third trailer. The four trailers had various gashes and scratches from the contact.

— July 9, a woman reported the back tire to her motorcycle had been slashed on the 200 block of Third Avenue South

— July 9, a man reported the driver’s side tire was slashed on his car along the 300 block of Second Avenue South

West St. Paul

Animal call
— The fox eluded police once again. A caller reported July 9 that a fox was stuck in a fence. The fox got loose before police could assist it.

Fire call
— An elevator was stuck on the first floor of an apartment July 9. Children and an adult were trapped inside and the caller reported one of the kids had asthma. Firefighters were able to get the elevator open; the children were freed.

— There were several fireworks complaints July 9, but police were unable to pinpoint the sources.

Found property
— Someone found a purse in a grocery store parking lot with and ID and cards inside, and turned it over to police to be returned to the owner.

— A local business reported a theft July 11; a tree was stolen out of a planter the night before. It’s the third theft of outdoor decor; in prior cases, plants and electrical cords have been stolen.

— An attempted burglary was reported July 13 on Marie Avenue West. A glass door was broken and pry marks were discovered on the inside door.

— Another burglary was reported July 13 just west of the Marie Avenue burglary. The back door was broken into.

Juvenile complaint
— Here’s the only time you’ll see four moons in broad daylight. Four kids were mooning people near the intersection of Orme Street and Stryker Avenue July 14. An officer found them, spoke to them about their language and gave them an order: “No more mooning people.”


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