Man blows up over size of burger bun in West St. Paul

And fireworks: Fun for some, annoying for most

South-West Review police reports published July 13, 2014 for Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

West St. Paul

911 hang-up
— A common occurrence, a dispatcher received a 911 call, but the call was disconnected. Not so common, the dispatcher called back and the male that answered said, “Sorry. I butt-dialed you.”

Check welfare
— Toss out meat waste before you head to the cabin. Otherwise your neighbors might think you’re dead. Police were called to an apartment complex because the resident hadn’t been seen since last Tuesday. The phone was disconnected and there was no answer at the door. There was also a foul odor coming from the apartment. The responding officer didn’t see anything suspicious. The foul odor was coming from rotting pork chops in the sink.  

Animal calls
— A concerned citizen called police because there was a house that had 27 cats. The citizen was upset that the cats were locked downstairs and in the garage. He said they were inbreeding and recently had two new litters. The resident said it’s a health hazard and he was also upset that a child was living there.

— Two baby raccoons were at a gas station and one appeared sick July 8 near noon, so police were called in to help. The raccoons were transported to a wildlife refuge. According to the report, the “raccoons are going to be just fine after some TLC.”

— An officer saw a post on the West St. Paul Neighbors Page on Facebook that said residents on the 1000 block of Humboldt Avenue have encountered problems with kids playing basketball. The officer attempted to follow up with the resident, but no one was home.

—This is what one would call a disproportionate response. An employee at a burger joint called the police because a man got upset over the size of bun used on the burger — so upset that he threw the tray at the employees feet. He left, but came back and chucked a soda on the floor, saying “have fun cleaning that up, b----.” Police tracked down the woman he came with through her credit card information, but had no luck finding either of them right away.   

— Fireworks can be fun for some. For most, they mark the most annoying holiday of the year and one that lasts several days. There were more than a dozen complaints of fireworks the couple days preceding and following the Fourth of July. Most reported that the constant explosions late into the night — and some that lasted until 6 a.m. — were interrupting their sleep. A war veteran told police the fireworks sounded like gunshots and that he would take care of it himself if police weren’t able to. He later said he would be fine and would just try to go to bed. Another caller reported there was an exploded firecracker in his mailbox. Another caller said he had post-traumatic stress disorder and the fireworks were very disturbing to him. He got upset and started cursing over his frustration that the police weren’t doing more. Another woman practically harassed dispatchers by calling around a dozen times in two hours, because she was irate over the fireworks. There was one resident warned about aerial fireworks July 4 near midnight and a couple others were told to stop using fireworks late July 5.

Utility calls
—There was a report of a sewer backup on the 1200 block of Ottawa Avenue on July 5 around noon. Public works staff was notified.

—Drivers were not stopping at an intersection where stoplights were off, due to a major power outage in the block around the intersection of Lothenbach Avenue and Robert Street South on July 6, so stop signs were placed at the intersection. Other areas in the city were out of power.

— Power in the area of South Robert Street was out July 7.

— July 7 around 6:25 p.m., a semitrailer clipped the low-hanging power line. A feeder line went down, and the pole was dislodged.

— A resident reported two BB guns went missing from his garage July 3. They weren’t worth anything, but the resident just wanted police to be aware.

— An employee at a local store received a citation for theft July 2 after stealing more than $200 from her employer.

— A woman reported her son’s backpack was stolen at a workout facility. It was no ordinary child’s backpack; it had more than $1,000 in it.

— Imagine a world where people work out car crashes without insurance companies or police. Here’s a glimpse: A woman accidentally drove a truck into another car at a gas station July 3, but got too nervous to stick around. Police were able to track down the truck owner, the woman’s husband, and he explained his wife was now at the cabin for the weekend. The husband spoke to the owner of the damaged vehicle, and both parties agreed to handle the situation without making an insurance claim or pressing charges.

South St. Paul

— A 51-year-old woman reported a bike stolen June 28 from her backyard. Another woman found and returned it July 8.

—A man had more than $1,000 in sound and entertainment equipment in his car. It was reported stolen July 2. The right front passenger side window was smashed out.

— A man probably thought it’d be like stealing candy from a baby, but he clearly didn’t think about the surveillance cameras. The bike he stole was in the entryway of a fitness center July 3. Surveillance footage showed one man in a white tank top and shaved blond hair checking out the bike through the window. He tested the door to see if it was locked and then got another male in a yellow shirt to distract the manager by asking questions so he could steal the bike.

Dog Bite
— Acting out an old cliche July 7, a dog bit a mail carrier. “Daddy,” an American bulldog, had to work a little magic to bite a mailman in the arm. The mailman told police the dog was behind the glass door when the mailman approached the house. The dog lunged at the glass, but the door was latched. The man put the mail in the mailbox and turned to walk down the stairs. He then heard Daddy jump and hit the latch, opening the door. The man turned around, and Daddy was lunging towards him. Daddy bit his arm; the man kicked him and the dog went back into the house. The mailman called for help; he was bleeding profusely, due to the two deep puncture wounds on his right arm. The dog’s owner said the dog had never done anything like this.

— A 22-year-old St. Paul man tried to give police officers false information - misspelled name, wrong age and wrong address - but officers quickly found out he was lying July 3 and issued him a ticket for not having a valid Minnesota Driver’s License and giving false information to police.

—A 52-year-old St. Paul man sped past a squad car, didn’t slow down and then ended up going to jail late July 3. When the officer stopped the car, the man didn’t have a driver’s license and had 25 to 30 failures to appear in court and pay fines. If that wasn’t enough for the officer to arrest him, he also smelled of alcohol. He said he had one beer, but somehow ended up with a blood alcohol level of .132. Once he went through some sobriety tests and was transported to jail, the charges racked up: fourth-degree DWI, driving after suspension of his license and speeding. The man did not have any prior convictions.

—It’s time for a good old-fashioned stake out - and police chase. A 33-year-old Prior Lake man fled from a South St. Paul officer after the officer found that the driver had a warrant out for his arrest for fifth-degree domestic assault and felony drug possession. The officer wasn’t able to initially pull over the vehicle, but officers found it parked at an apartment complex later. Officers sat in two unmarked squad cars. At about midnight, a man fitting the description of the suspect drove away in the car. An officer activated emergency light as the vehicle veered into the alley. The vehicle sped off. The car turned into a driveway, and then the driver got out and ran. An officer pursued the man over two fences while yelling for the man to stop. The officer called for assistance, setting up a perimeter to contain the alleged criminal. The man wasn’t captured, but the officer instead mailed him a summons for fleeing a peace officer and for driving after his license was suspended. 

—A man reported his car stolen, but ended up getting arrested himself because he had a felony warrant out for his arrest on July 6. To add insult to felony, it was the second time his vehicle had been taken.

Inver Grove Heights

— Even without a recent group of burglaries in the area, no license plates always makes a car look suspicious. A 45-year-old Inver Grove Heights man was arrested June 25 after an officer spotted his car without license plates near a storage unit close to 2 a.m. Due to recent vehicle break-ins and burglaries in the area and the time of night, the officer decided to pull over the car. The man identified himself, claimed there was a warrant out for his arrest and said he took the plates off to disguise his identity. The man was transported to jail.

— A woman reported someone between the morning of June 20 and June 21 had entered her open garage and stole a $250 JC Higgins Schwinn Beachcomber bicycle.

— Who knew spam emails were still convincing? A 43-year-old Inver Grove Heights man thought he had won $500,000 and an Apple laptop, but later found out the email he received about the lottery was just a scam to get some cash and personal information. When the man sent $390 to a New Delhi, India, address, he started to suspect it was a scam. With a simple online search, the officer was able to confirm it was a scam. The man told police he understood he was out the money.

—On June 23, a $200 bike was stolen from a grocery store parking lot. It wasn’t locked up.

—A man reported June 24 that rims had been stolen from two trucks. One set of four was valued at $4,000. Another set were valued at $6,000. The suspect(s) put the vehicle on cinder blocks.


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