BizRecycling grants available

 If you’re a business owner, you may be throwing money away on your trash bill. So how do you know, and more importantly, how do you prevent wasting in the future?

Ramsey and Washington counties have set up a program called BizRecycling to help. If your business is located in one of the counties you can get free resources and assistance to start or enhance programs for reducing waste; recycling items such as paper, bottles, and cans; and/or diverting food and other organic waste.

Businesses that have used these resources have been able to improve their operations and almost all of them save money too. Most businesses report saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

For more information go to the BizRecycling website: and click on “Get Started.” Fill out your contact information on the webpage or call 651-266-1199. A county staff person will contact you to answer questions, determine your business’ needs and connect you with one of the expert consultants under contract with both counties. The consultant conducts a free 30-minute waste assessment at a time that fits your schedule. Then the consultant will review results of the waste assessment and discuss options for designing a new, or improving an existing recycling and/or organics collection program that meets your needs.

These options may include ways to make it easier to put more paper, plastic and metal in the recycling bin, or how to start a food waste recycling program. Ultimately, these changes could save your business money by reducing the size of your trash dumpster or the frequency of pickup. For example, after improving their recycling program, A. Johnson & Sons in Saint Paul is saving about $600 on their waste bills every year.

And that’s not the end of the free resources. If your business can’t afford to make these changes, apply for one of several grants. BizRecycling can provide up to $10,000 for expenses such as new containers, standardized labels even minor improvements to your building. No matching funds are needed.

These programs do more than bolster your bottom line. They can produce a cleaner trash disposal area, improve workers’ safety by reduced heavy lifting, and increase cleanliness of your operations.


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