Letter: 'Pick up your trash'

Letter to the Editor

Kaposia Days is supposed to be a great weekend for the Community of South Saint Paul to get out and show our great small town spirit. Unfortunately our great parade showed the opposite. I was walking my dog along the parade route several hours after the parade, and I was extremely disappointed with the amount of trash left by everyone. I understand there is going to be the occasional tootsie roll or flyer lying around. However, I couldn't believe the amount of empty beer cans and other trash. South Saint Paul residents are always out to prove that we are a close-knit, blue collar community. Kaposia Days should be about getting together as a community and getting to know our neighbors. Instead, we trash our neighbor's yards and sidewalks. Pick up your trash people, stop being lazy! We are better than that. Let's get back in the community spirit and show some respect to our neighbors.

Reed Prust
South Saint Paul

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