Roseville recognizes police, citizen bravery

Joshua Wurtzberger’s calm, informative directions helped Roseville officers arrest an “extremely intoxicated” driver whose 5-year-old daughter was sitting in the backseat. Chief Rick Mathwig presented him a certificate of appreciation at the Roseville Police Awards Ceremony May 15. (Johanna Holub/Review)

Delos “Scott” McCune was given a certificate of appreciation for his attempts to rescue a person from an apartment engulfed in flames in March. (Johanna Holub/Review)

Staff Sgt. Michael Stroud offered his thanks on behalf of the U.S. Army to Katie and Jarred Britton for assisting Sgt. Travis Torgerson after he was dragged under a vehicle for nearly a mile last fall. Officers who assisted in the investigation were awarded a Unit Citation for their dedication.

Staff Sgt. Michael Stroud

On May 15, the Roseville Police Department recognized outstanding citizens, officers and investigators for their efforts to keep the city and its residents safe.

Officer Aaron Craven and an undercover officer with the Ramsey County Violent Crime Enforcement Team were honored with Awards of Merit for the arrest of a high-level narcotics dealer.

There were 24 officers receiving Unit Citations for “exceptional police work or accomplishments” when working as a team of two or more officers. Officers Joe Adams, Shawn Carter, Boua Chang, Won Chau, Grant Dattilo, Tom Gray, Mike Holtmeier, Kevin Johnson, Sean Mooney, Nick Olson, Mike Parkos, Erin Reski, Jon Riley, and Al Stefani; detectives Jamie Baker, Jen Engh, Mark Ganley, and Tom Pitzl; sergeants Sean Johnson, Matt Marshall, and Marc Schultz; and lieutenants Lorne Rosand, Erika Scheider and Scott Williams were given this honor.

Five officers also received Traffic Wings for their efforts in accident reduction through traffic enforcement.

Citizens recognized were Joshua Wurtzberger, Delos “Scott” McCune and Katie and Jarred Britton.

Wurtzberger was recognized for assisting in the arrest of an extremely intoxicated driver whose 5-year-old daughter was in the backseat.

“Mr. Wurzberger called 9-1-1 and continued to follow the suspect vehicle at a safe distance while staying on the phone with dispatchers and calmly describing the vehicle, license plate, driving conduct and location,” Police Chief Rick Mathwig said at the ceremony. “All of this information allowed officers to locate and stop the vehicle.”

McCune, a senior caretaker at a Roseville apartment complex, responded quickly to a fire that broke out on the third floor of the building March 21. The door was warm to the touch, and although it was locked and chained shut, McCune was able to kick down the door. Flames billowed out of the apartment, burning his face, eyebrows and hair, but he nonetheless noticed a person lying on the floor. He yelled for the individual to get up just as firefighters arrived.

Despite his injuries, McCune continued to help other residents evacuate the building.

“Mr. Delos McCune is being awarded this Certificate of Appreciation for his selfless act of bravery in a life-threatening situation,” Mathwig said.

The Brittons were witnesses to an incident last fall in which an Army recruiter was struck and dragged for nearly a mile under a vehicle. They called 9-1-1 when they noticed Sgt. Travis Torgerson trapped beneath the vehicle, and attempted to confront the motorist, Enrico Taylor, when he stopped to try to kick Torgerson in an attempt to dislodge him. The Brittons stopped to help Torgerson when he finally managed to free himself from the vehicle.

Staff Sgt. Michael Stroud, who was walking with Torgerson at the time of the incident, spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the U.S. Army, giving his thanks to the Brittons for their efforts.

--Johanna Holub


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