Roseville Police issues crime alert following spike in thefts from automobiles

Following a springtime uptick in reports of thefts from automobiles, the Roseville Police Department has issued a crime alert, strongly encouraging residents to report any suspicious activity as soon as possible.

"Victims are indicating that they 'didn't want to bother the police' with a report of cars being rummaged through or other unusual activity at night," according to a statement from the department.

Lt. Lorne Rosand says oftentimes residents do not take the proper precautions to prevent thefts from automobiles.

"[The thieves] are not breaking windows, they're just taking opportunities as they see them," he said of the recent thefts, many of which have occurred on the east side of the city. Sometimes, Rosand said, residents will leave their keys in the car, "setting themselves up" for an easy theft from their vehicle, or worse - having their car stolen.

Between May 21 and 26, Roseville Police responded to 17 calls regarding thefts from automobiles as well as several other attempted thefts from vehicles.

In one such incident, which occurred in the McCarrons Boulevard neighborhood May 26, a resident saw a man "prowling cars" around 3 a.m. The resident confronted the man, who allegedly told him he was "... down on his luck, looking for change." The suspect asked the resident not to call the police, and he did not.

The suspect was described as a black male, 5'9", 120 pounds, with short hair and wearing all black. He also was wearing a narrow silver nylon backpack with reflectors on it.

The department lists several reminders for residents to prevent thefts from vehicles:

• Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

• Lock doors and roll your windows up.

• Park your car in a visible or "busy" location.

• Record serial numbers, which can help identify and recover stolen items.

• Call 911 to report any and all suspicious activity, including unknown person(s) looking into cars, the sound of breaking glass or people on foot or riding bikes at night with backpacks.

- Johanna Holub


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