Letter: 'changes will improve our town'

To the editor:

In her letter denouncing the Lake Elmo Council (specifically sparing Anne Smith), Julie Fliflet regurgitates the tired charge of Lake Elmo’s “Fright Brigade” when she characterizes the council as..., you guessed it, favoring developers over residents.
Of course, no policies are evidenced, simply flaccid mischaracterizations.

Oddly enough, as planning member, Fliflet voted for the comprehensive guide that she now seems to deride. 

I can only assume that by my calling into question Fliflet, Anne Smith, Delapps’, “Old Village Group” plans (plans that include a swimming pond, new city hall, an expansive village green, relocating ballfields, having cost estimates in the millions), I have offended.

Lake Elmo, we have much on our plate. It’s true, we are going to add homes and businesses to specific areas. Yet it’s also true our plans easily maintain 70%+ for rural /park open-space development and numbers for village homes are actually coming in at, potentially lower, than previous councils numbers.

These changes, while understandably concerning, will improve our town. New homes will eventually lower our water rates and offer residents clean water. Developer fees will help our stormwater issues, lower residents costs for sewer hook-up, provide more robust trails and inviting parks. Activity should help foster a more active downtown and has already offered us jobs on the corridor. With this council and staffs work, the yoke of the Met Council has been removed from Lake Elmo and their demands of our growth have been lowered.

Personally, I am proud to serve with the gentleman Fliflet impunes. 

Mike Pearson
Lake Elmo


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