New book reflects Benedictine riches

Can a fifth century monk show us how to live in the 21st century?

“The Way Forward,” written by local poet Vic Klimoski, director of the Benedictine Center, shows how a spiritually-based life does not mean abandoning the world. Instead, it means re-connecting to the world in a new way.

Klimoski’s book contains essays, poems and reflections that show how the monastic “rule” of Benedict of Nursia (born in 480 BC) can help us build community, deepen elationships and find our footing in the chaos and complexity of modern life.
“The combination of busyness and total on-line connectedness is driving us mad,” Klimoski writes. “Choosing things and people that breathe life into how we live will help us cultivate the peace and balance we yearn for.”

Klimoski is also a teacher and contributing editor to “Through a Child’s Eyes,” a collection of poems reflecting on the fate of children caught in war and civil unrest. His other books are “What it Might Mean, A Month in Klicar” and “Poems of Other Places.”

Klimoski recently received a Distinguished Service Award from the Alumni Association of St. John’s School of Theology.

To purchase his book, go to . For more information, call 651-777-7251 or email: The Benedictine Center, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery, is located at 2675 Benet Road in Maplewood.

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