Letter: ‘Interest in fairness’

To the editor:

I would like to say thank you to Representative Peter Fischer for the column describing an excellent bill that will give help to many families. As an AARP Advocate for Seniors, I am very interested in fairness for all members of the family. As a women born the year a group of very brave ladies gained the right for women to vote, I appreciate that right.

That bill recognizes the importance of women in the working world who are often the main support of the children and are struggling to care for an older relative, just to have the right to use time off, when she is needed at home. I recall when my husband was in hospice care for a month, my daughter who is a nurse was allowed time off to help me. It meant a lot to us. It also recognizes that people doing the same job deserve the same pay. Peter did a great job in covering the issues. It was not about a big change in our system, it was about making the working world fair for everyone, “for liberty and justice for all.”

As I read the letter criticizing Peter for his work on MNsure, I had to smile. Yes, it had computer problems and it will need time to work out problems along the way. But there are a great many people who were able to afford insurance that could not  afford it.

Christeen M Stone


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