Iraq veteran awarded mortgage-free home - photos

Tom Jacobson and his girlfriend, Cassie Hunt, look out a backdoor of his house at his backyard and the parkland behind it. “There's no more highway in back,” said Jacobson, who will be moving into his new house from an apartment in the Prospect Park neighborhood in Minneapolis. (Mike Munzenrider/Bulletin)

Muffie Gabler, a community development manager at Wells Fargo, about to present the keys to the house to Jacobson and Hunt. (Mike Munzenrider/Bulletin)

The Humvee in which Jacobson road after it was pulled from a canal, following the IED attack in 2007. (photo courtesy of Tom Jacobson)

Jacobson during recovery at Naval Medical Center San Diego. (photo courtesy of Tom Jacobson)

Retired Lance Corporal Tom Jacobson, a Marine Corps veteran, was injured while serving in Iraq in 2007, when the Humvee in which he was riding was hit by an IED, suffering burns, broken bones in his legs, hearing loss and brain damage. Now a student at Saint Paul College and planning to teach history after he graduates, Jacobson received a mortgage-free home in Shoreview from Wells Fargo and the Military Warriors Support Foundation on April 23.

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