Letter: ‘Real solutions being offered’

To the editor:

Representative Peter Fischer was a co-author on the bill that put the expensive and failing MNSure into place. The problems with MNSure are widely known: low enrollment numbers, an unbalanced mix of private plans and fully subsidized public plans, $26,000 in bonuses to executives prior to launch, the dissemination of 1600 private social security numbers, extremely long call center wait times and website inaccessibility.

On Thursday, April 3, house GOP members offered solution after solution to fix some of the problems that ail one of the most expensive projects the state has ever undertaken. But, time and time again, Representative Peter Fischer voted to stifle any and all debate that had anything to do with MNSure.

Real solutions to the $170 million failing experiment are being offered, but not by Representative Fischer – he doesn’t even want to talk about MNSure.

Caitlyn Stenerson


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