Letter: Voting 'No'

To the editor:

Our District 197 School Board is after more of your money — again! There will be a special election on May 6 with two questions on the ballot:

Number One — Would you like to permit a current 10-year $470,000 excess levy that is scheduled to expire or would you rather renew it for an additional 10 years and increase it by an additional $1.2 million? A 245 percent increase. 

Number Two — Would you like to pass a $11.2 million bond issue (more tax increases) so this free-spending board can build an early learning center and security upgrades?
If any of this offends you, consider this: Until a friendly legislature and the teacher’s union changed the rules, these questions could only appear on general election ballots in November when voter turnout is much larger.

This tone deaf bunch knows well that with a special election, the turnout will be very small — in the 25 percent range. They only need a simple majority of those voting for this to pass and your taxes to increase, yet again.

To understand the impact of these excess school levies, take a look at the tax bill you just received. Look at line 9(a) to see what you are already paying. This on top of the regular school levy, shown on line 9(b).

It is time to send a strong message to this bunch: “No more spending.”

It is critically important to vote in this special election. Tell your friends and neighbors to vote “No” on May 6.

John A. Fisher
Mendota Heights

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