Letter: 'New days in Lake Elmo'

To the editor:
In her March 12 letter, former Lake Elmo Mayor Sue Dunn critiques the city council in several areas. Foremost: ‘open and honest information’ is needed.

The facts on this and other musings suggest otherwise.  

Meeting notices are always sent and neighbors notified. Development proposals are vetted by the planning and parks commissions and the council for compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan. A recent workshop focusing on finance, traffic and utilities is airing on public access and YouTube. Information is posted on our website, the city has a weekly e-newsletter and we are active on Facebook.

In fact, our transparency was recently recognized by the ICCMA as a best practice.

Dunn warns of environmental disregard, yet she must be aware our city spent $300,000 studying effects of a new downtown on drainage, surface-water quality, and environmental protection. 

Dunn’s real objection is the installation of sanitary sewer into the Village -- something that approximately 70 percent of residents say they want to replace failing private systems and protect the waters of Lake Elmo.

The installation of this sewer allowed us to ‘come out from under’ the liability of the Met Council that Dunn helped put us under.   

Gone are the days when just a few people can tell others what do with their land to protect their own interest.

These are new days in Lake Elmo. Days that do not waste millions of dollars via lawsuits, land detachments and endless planning.

Today, we put taxpayers dollars to work for clean water, safe neighborhoods and good streets.

Mike Pearson
Mayor of Lake Elmo
Justin Bloyer
Member of the Lake Elmo City Council

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