Letter: Opposes addition of franchise fees in Arden Hills

To the editor:

The Arden Hills City Council will be holding a public hearing on potentially adding franchise fees to our monthly electric and gas bills. This hearing will be at the regular City Council meeting on Monday, February 24 at the Arden Hills City Hall at 7 P.M.

As of this writing, I am the only City Council member that has publicly opposed the addition of franchise fees.

There are reasons that proponents are supporting this additional tax and they are articulated in the city’s website and newsletter but it does not convey the whole story.

I strongly OPPOSE this additional tax! This tax is regressive. It puts an additional burden on families with low incomes and seniors on fixed incomes. It would also add additional costs to non-profits and business. Franchise taxes, once added are seldom removed.

All homes and residences would be taxed equally no matter the value of the homes. Minnesota has long been a supporter of progressive taxes.

The City Council has yet to vote on this tax/fee. I would strongly encourage our citizens and local businesses to attend this hearing and speak your mind-either favorable or unfavorable.

Ed Werner
Arden Hills City Council member

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