Our long term investments

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

Many of us look at our daily newspapers. A quick look at the headlines, the sports section, the weather page and the business section take me about 30 minutes. My financial adviser does an excellent job but he can’t control the markets. Last week the Dow Jones took a slide. If all of our long term investments are financial or materialistic we can be in for disappointments.

If we ask an elementary student or high school senior what they hope to do or get out of life, they have very different kinds of answers. A first year professional athlete will likely give a predictable answer. The Apostle Paul wrote that whatever state that he was in he was content. A few year ago a newspaper article stated that a large number of professional athletes filed for bankruptcy within six years of retirement.

We would all like a nice nest egg available. The North High School senior hockey boys and girls both expressed a strong desire to be successful. I always enjoy hearing the game announcer read what they have written as they are introduced. Looking back they credit their parents, grandparents and coaches. Looking forward they share their hopes and dreams. What will they say 20 or 30 years from now?

Those of us who are older can look backward and forward. Our family was large, 10 children and our dad died when most of us were still at home. Looking backward and forward I would have done many things the same and some others differently. From childhood to old age we are or can be dreaming about investing our lives. Past, present and future, we have been, are and will be investing for the long term. My wife, Norma and I do some care center or nursing home ministry. Some older folk express that they wish they could still do something. My approach is to hold their hand or put my hand or arm around them and tell them that they can pray. God waits to hear us.

We can do many activities in life. It is not all about the stock market or CDs in the bank. We can invest by showing love, serving, encouraging and praying. God’s stock market and the bank of heaven never slides or takes a hit. Ironically, the more we give or invest in God’s bank of heaven, the more we seem to have. A strong and worthwhile day is God’s desire for each of us everyday. Then our lives can consist of using our long term investments. I need to adjust from time to time. We just keep praying and working at it.

For the 2014 club, Feb. 23 takes us to Numbers 10 and Mark 5.

Have a good investment and spending two weeks.


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