Who is really in control?

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

A few years before I retired from teaching at North High School, earth science was added to our curriculum. None of us were anxious to teach it and only two of us had the recommended qualifications. There were about seven classes. I volunteered to take a full load of five. The last classes that I had taken in any earth sciences were more than 25 years earlier in graduate school. My reasoning was that preparation for teaching the course will require a lot of work. Why not teach it five times each day.

We taught one semester of astronomy and meteorology and one semester of geology and mineralogy. Those years of teaching aroused my interest in a new way. Both my students and I started keeping a limited log on several areas during the first semester. The weather page in the daily paper is something that I still read. Today, January 05 is the fifteenth day since the shortest day. The sunrise gets later until after the first of the year. Sunset starts to get later about December 22.

The position and tilt of the earth in relationship to the sun is of major significance. How does all of this cause or affect the weather? Moon phases are totally explainable. Earth surface temperature and humidity (both relative and absolute) are very significant. The professional meteorologist and the professional astronomer know these areas well. They still make new discoveries from time to time. A little bit of limited knowledge can wet our appetite to understand more.

Something that can stretch our imagination is to realize that God knows every detail. Not only does He know all about everything that is or can be discovered, He made it. Some of us wonder at the creativity of artists, musicians and architects let alone to just realize that God planned and spoke the entire creation into existence. We should certainly be thankful that God is in control of it all. Some day we can spend eternity with this God — Our Lord.

For the 2014 club, Jan. 26 takes us to Exodus 11 and Matthew 18.

He loves each one of us too.

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