Aerobics instructor reclaims her jacket, boots from thief


Bulletin Area police reports week of Dec. 25, 2013 for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills Mounds View New Brighton North Oaks St. Anthony Shoreview Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills


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Mounds View

A man was arrested the night of Dec. 7 on Montclair Avenue after he refused to let his girlfriend leave their trailer. The 35-year-old shoved the 51-year-old woman to the floor, she called 911 and he was booked at the jail on a domestic assault charge.

His fate is still unlearned
The cab arrived in the 4000 block of Glenhaven Lane in the pre-dawn hours of Dec. 7 and the passenger handed over his credit card. It was declined. The man in the back of the cab said he would run into the trailer and get the $52 in cash, but he never returned. The driver called police but they couldn’t extract the man from the trailer. He was mailed a citation for theft.

Let’s make up
The “skinny, 20-something” man raced down the beauty products aisle and out the door of a drugstore in the 2800 block of County Hwy. 10 the evening of Dec. 7 with an estimated $65 worth of makeup. Maybe he was a mime? Surveillance video is being reviewed.

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New Brighton

A tow truck was removing an SUV from an apartment building lot in the 1300 block of Seventh Street N.W. for plowing the morning of Dec. 17, when the SUV owner came running out, demanding his vehicle be unhooked. When the 37-year-old was made aware of the $100 “drop charge” he jumped into his SUV and backed it away from the truck, damaging his bumper still attached to the tow chain. Police were called, and the tenant and owner of the SUV was cited for disorderly conduct.

An aerobics instructor finishing up her class at a fitness club in the 1100 block of Silver Lake Road the evening of Dec. 17 was preparing to leave when she couldn’t find her jacket or boots. She  soon found the missing outerware in the possession of two ladies in the locker room and recovered it. But before her car keys and $35 were discovered missing from her jacket pocket, the suspects had fled the scene on foot.

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North Oaks


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St. Anthony

Call me a cab
An overly-lubricated female was found Dec. 8 at a Lowry Avenue Trailer Park. Police sent her home in a cab.

Car vs. pole
A car banged into a pole Dec. 3 at Silver Lake Road and Silver Lane. The driver fled the scene but was identified through license plate information. He was picked up and given a ride to the police station where he proceeded to fail a breath test, scoring .18 percent BAC, better than twice the legal limit.  The 19-year-old was booked at the Hennepin County Jail for DWI and leaving the scene.

Partners in crime
Instead of “two heads are better than one,” maybe it should be “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Ladies, ages 26 and 35, were cited for misdemeanor theft at the big-box store in the 3800 block of Silver Lake Road Dec. 8 for stealing merchandise valued at $470. 

The pot and the pipe
Together, the pot and the pipe were a bad combination. Two 16-year-old boys, one with the pot and one with the pipe, were turned over to police by staff at SAVHS on Dec. 4 and cited for the offenses. Parents were advised.

There goes another Honda
A 2000 Honda, valued at $3,000, went missing overnight Dec. 3 from the driveway of a residence in the 2900 block of Rankin Road.

Unclean getaway
He left the big-box store Dec. 8 with a cart full of merchandise, but things went downhill from there. Seeing employees in the lot, the suspect abandoned the cart, jumped into his motor home and promptly crashed into another vehicle before getting away. Damage to that vehicle was estimated at $1,500.

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Blanket on head
A student at Oak Grove High School laying on a bench in the hallway the morning of Dec. 12, repeatedly refused to get up and just laid there, spewing profanities, with a blanket on his head. The 15-year-old Minneapolis youth, who has “multiple behavioral issues” according to school staff, was cited for disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

Bad idea
The youth asked to see his dad for the holidays, so mom invited her ex-husband to come visit from out of state. Difficulties arose between mom and dad, and when dad smashed mom’s head into a wall, and threatened to slit her throat and blow up the house, the authorities were called. The 41-year-old man was booked at the jail on a gross-misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

Wet snowpants
When mom asked the youth twice to put his wet snow pants away the evening of Dec. 13, 15-year-old sonny reacted by hitting and shoving his 43-year-old mother and grabbing her around the neck. The teen was booked into the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center on charges of domestic assault, fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

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Vadnais Heights

After punching out his girlfriend’ windshield and preventing her from calling 911, the 26-year-old boyfriend followed the victim, also 26, into a Mexican fast-food restaurant on Rice Street, where he cornered her, grabbing her around the neck. Employees called 911 and the boyfriend was booked at the jail for gross-misdemeanor domestic assault and interference with a 911 call.

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