Letter: 'ideal community'

To the editor:

I read with great dismay, and a whole lot of fear and disgust, your article about the manual of guidelines (“Lake Elmo design manual focused on small-town charm,” Dec. 4), that the Lake Elmo City Council put forth. Lake Elmo and most of its business, came about long before this council was formed and before most of the council was born.  If you want a planned and “socially acceptable” community, Stillwater and Woodbury have fine examples.  I have been in the building trades for over 20 years, and I have found that the more you try to plan for that “ideal community” that is in the vision of a few, the farther away you get.  Wasn’t just a few short years ago, when Lake Elmo took on the Met Council to stop them from telling them what to do?.  The views of a few on the council do not reflect the views of all in Lake Elmo.  

William Gulden
Lake Elmo

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