2013 - Another blessed year

Crist Langelett
The Chaplain’s Corner

This past year has generally been a good one for Norma and me. We took a trip to Texas in late March to spend a few days with Norma’s brother, Jon and his wife, Cheryl. During the summer we drive up to the Bemidji area several times. Camp Dellwater and Oak Hills Christian College and Bible Camp are both special to us. Sixty-five years ago I was a freshman at Oak Hills. Some of our children went to camp there during the sixties. It has always been a very significant part of my life.

Camp Dellwater just finished its 39th year. During 1973, Larry and Gladys Erie and my wife and I started to plan and layout some of these plans for a Bible camp. The following year high school students and other volunteers started to build. We used tents and a chapel across the road for meetings and sleeping. Larry and Gladys had a trailer house that served as a kitchen and headquarters. Now with year number 40 coming up we have a beautiful campus with nearly 20 nice buildings on it. Gladys is with the Lord and Larry is in a care center. My first wife Joanne is with the Lord. Their daughter Pam and our daughter Patty are main stays on the camp board.

Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren for the most part live close by now. We generally take some out to eat about twice a week. It is such a blessing to be with them regularly. The only ones that don’t live close are Sheryl’s son Joshua and his wife, Megan and their three children. They live in New Hampshire. He works for the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs and she teaches at the University of New Hampshire.

We no longer have the 30 plus family members together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our senior condo would not work for such a large group. The three daughters who have families have started their own traditions of get togethers. Norma and I get our gifts to them and join one of them for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. A breakfast, lunch or supper with one or more of them at a local restaurant is always enjoyable.

The children decide between themselves who is going to use the cabin. Patty and Jerry being very involved with Camp Dellwater use it by far the most. Some of the grandchildren use it when they bring their children up for Bible camp. Norma and I use it very little anymore. We bought the land where the cabin is while we were developing Camp Dellwater. It is next to the camp property.

Norma and I are still active in several ministries. She serves on some committees and projects with the church. I serve as Washington County Jail Chaplain, North St. Paul City Chaplain and write the “Chaplain’s Corner.” We volunteer together at the food shelf and place Bibles, New Testaments and children’s Bible booklets in the food shelves.

We also want to stress that the Lord always wants to forgive us and live in us as we live our day to day lives.

For the 2013 club, Dec. 25 takes us to Haggai 2 and Revelation 16.

Have a very blessed day, week, month and year being joyful, prayerful and thankful.

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