Letter: giving credit

To to the editor:
The Yarusso thruway and the Scalze overpass are now open for traffic. I refer, of course, to Highway 10 between 35W and 694.

While I use a little levity, I am serious about giving credit to our State Rep Barb Yarusso and State Senator Bev Scalze and their DFL colleagues as well Governor Dayton for getting this and other projects done.

If you’ve noticed that “all the roads” are under construction, it’s because the DFL legislature stepped up to the plate instead of shirking their responsibility like the Republicans did for the prior years. Public infrastructure benefits all of us and is the proper purview ofgovernment. It is the duty of our elected officials, regardless of party, to do what needs to be done for all us.  

I thank our members of the legislature for doing their job.

Russell Warren
Mounds View

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