GPS sends woman into tree in Shoreview

Bulletin Area police reports week of Nov. 20, 2013 for Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, St. Anthony, Shoreview and Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills Mounds View New Brighton North Oaks St. Anthony Shoreview Vadnais Heights

Arden Hills

Hammer throw
• It’s an Olympic event, but not in Arden Hills. A man was ordered out of his trailer at gunpoint by deputies after the suspect, armed with a knife and a hammer, answered his wife’s complaint about a non-functioning window by throwing the hammer through the glass. The 28-year-old intoxicated, yelling man was booked at the jail on charges on charges of domestic assault, fifth degree assault and disorderly conduct.

• A prowler was arrested the afternoon of Oct. 21 after he was spotted “looking in vehicles and pulling on car doors” in the parking lot of an office building in the 3900 block of Northwood Drive. The suspect had left the scene but a witness got his license plate information. The 31-year-old Little Canada man, already under investigation for a theft in Vadnais Heights, was charged with misdemeanor “tampering with an auto.”

• An unlocked vehicle was left in the driveway of a residence in the 4400 block of Dellwood Street overnight Nov. 5, with the keys inside. The 2000 Toyota Highlander was gone in the morning. The vehicle was recovered several hours later in Brooklyn Park with the suspected thief sleeping inside.

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Mounds View

•Shortly after the ’98 Toyota Camry went missing on Halloween in the 7500 block of Greenfield Avenue, it was recovered and the driver arrested. A 15-year-old boy suspect was booked into the Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center. Charges are pending.   

• Collectibles — figurines and sports cards worth an estimated $8,215 — were reported stolen Nov. 4 from an apartment in the 7500 block of Greenfield Avenue. A female suspect has been identified and an investigation continues.

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New Brighton

• An ambulance, racing to an emergency call Nov. 7 at I-694 and Silver Lake Road with full lights and siren was passed on the right by a driver that cut the ambulance off, then gave the paramedic behind the wheel the finger. Officers found the suspect, who said he “didn’t notice the lights and siren,” and denied the single finger salute. The 54-year-old White Bear Lake man was cited for “failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.”

•  The sharp-eyed owner of a beverage company in the 100 block of Fifth Avenue N.W. spotted a full case of Red Bull, valued at $45, by the dumpster Nov. 12. He staked out the location until he saw an employee pick up the case and put it into his car. The owner called police and the 19-year-old Hugo suspect was cited for theft.

• A patient at a health facility in the 800 block of First Avenue N.W. reported the theft of five $100 bills Nov. 10. The 54-year-old man, who had been in the hospital for two days, said he hadn’t hidden the cash very well after withdrawing it to give to a relative. “It was just in a [unlocked] drawer,” he said.

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North Oaks


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St. Anthony

• A 54-year-old female driver was arrested on Pentagon Drive Oct. 23 for driving with no insurance and no proof of insurance. The passenger and owner of the vehicle, a 44-year-old female, was arrested for allowing the operation of an uninsured vehicle.

• A man stomping on and ripping open boxes of merchandise stacked outside the big-box store Oct. 28 may have been off his meds. The 37-year-old man refused to identify himself and demanded an ambulance for an unspecified medical condition. He was transported to a local hospital, later identified and mailed a citation for misdemeanor theft, criminal damage to property and obstruction of the legal process.

• A pair of ham-handed juveniles were spotted Nov. 1 attempting to open car doors in the parking lot of an apartment building in the 2500 block of Silver Lake Road. One of the boys attempted to flee from police but didn’t get far. Both 16-year-olds were cited with tampering with a motor vehicle and the runner with fleeing police. The youths were released to the custody of their parents.

• An inept thief aroused suspicions at the big-box store Nov 3 and attempted to evade arriving officers. The 40-year-old man was collared before he could steal anything and jailed on an outstanding Dakota County warrant that had been issued for the man’s arrest for misdemeanor theft.

• A 21-year-old man raised eyebrows at a bank in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road Nov. 2 when he attempted to cash a bad check made out for $900. He was booked at the jail on a charge of felony check forgery.

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• A man living with his wife while they are separated was arrested Nov. 2 after unpleasantness developed. Following his accusation that the estranged wife was “having an affair,” the 53-year-old intoxicated man fled the scene. The wife called 911, deputies responded, and the suspect returned in time to be arrested for fourth degree DWI. He was booked at the jail.

• A woman came all the way from Pepperell, Mass. to the 1000 block of Gramsie Road to be arrested on suspicion of DWI. The 39-year-old New Englander, in town for work-related training, told deputies the night of Nov. 6 that she was “just following her GPS,” when she hit and knocked down a tree that was found under her rental vehicle. The suspect, who tested .21 percent on the preliminary breath test, was jailed on a gross-misdemeanor third-degree blood-alcohol test refusal charge.

• Jewel thieves broke into the second level of a store at a mall in the 3600 block of Lexington Avenue on Halloween. Deputies responding to an alarm found the door ajar and a surveillance video showing two suspects in hoodies and masks. The value of the missing jewelry has not been determined.

Fighting fiancées
• A few drinks in the garage at 2 a.m. led to a fight between the fiancées on Nov. 1, which ended with the man punching the 38-year-old in the head, knocking her out. The 32-year-old man was booked at the Ramsey County Jail on charges on domestic assault, fifth degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Car vs. deer
• A badly injured deer was found the early evening of Nov. 5 at Victoria Street and Gramsie Road. The animal was “dispatched” by a sheriff’s deputy. If a motorist hits a deer in Minnesota, the animal becomes property of the state, says Colleen Coyne, communications director of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “But most law enforcement agencies carry permits in their squad cars,” she says, allowing the possession of the remains. A nearby Shoreview resident is looking forward to a few venison dinners.

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Vadnais Heights

“Where’s the weed?”
• A dad and his adult son were on the deck of their trailer when an intruder appeared from inside, asking, “Where’s the weed?” The intruder and two accomplices, medium-built black males in their early 20’s, assaulted the residents, clocking the son, age 32, over the head with a bottle of rum. The suspects, who apparently had the wrong address, ransacked the trailer for good measure, making off with a PlayStation 3 machine, an HP laptop computer and an MP3 player.

Junior Ponzi scheme
• In a case reminiscent of the Tom Petters scheme, an employee of the big-box store in the 800 block of County Road E admitted “not returning” 29 items for cash refunds totaling $4,213. The items were “punched in” as returned but an investigation showed no items were actually returned by the suspect. The 22-year-old St. Paul man was charged with felony theft.

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