Letter: 'Thank you for voting'

To our community,

Thank you to all voters for taking the time to vote. You showed our students one of the fundamental reasons we enjoy living in a democracy. Voters in District 834 passed the operating levy with 63% voting in favor of our request. These dollars from the levy passage will allow our school district to continue to offer the programs and services expected by our communities, will allow us to move forward with our Bridge to Excellence strategic plan, and will allow us to increase the safety and security of our students and staff.

Many people throughout District 834 understood the importance of this decision and worked together to support the campaign. Thank you to the community leaders, local businesses, and political leaders from both parties who publicly supported this request. Thank you to the many parents, district staff, and numerous others, who knocked on doors, phoned voters, wrote letters, discussed and talked to friends, neighbors, and relatives and helped in countless ways. You served as the backbone of this effort which spread across the entire school district. And a special thank you to the levy co-chairs, Andy Kubiak and Tracy Maki, for their creative leadership and consistent discipline throughout this effort.

As board members we are held accountable to maintain the tradition of high quality schools. To accomplish this, we depend solely on support from our communities.

When asked, you delivered. For this, we are truly grateful. We understand the responsibility this puts on us to deliver going forward.

Thank you for choosing to invest in our students. Your investment will benefit both our school district and the entire St. Croix Valley community.

With gratitude,
Stillwater Area School Board
Mike Ptacek
Tom Lehmann
George Hoeppner
Natasha Fleischman
Natalie Fedie
Amy Burback
Kathy Buchholz


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