Letter: 'The Millenial Generation'

To the editor:

The Millenial Generation is of the most educated generations in American history. It should be that the Millenials are of the most successful.

However, my generation is the first generation to be worse off than its parents since the Greatest Generation. There are countless reasons for this: the economic collapses, the lack of interpersonal communication skills, or the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. However, I will discuss the Catch 22 my generation faces.

I work in the warehouse at a furniture store. I have a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies with a Political Science minor. A woman who works sales has a Master’s. While I am unhappy with my situation, it is criminal that the only job a person with a Master’s can find is a furniture salesperson.

She and I have come of age in which an applicant needs experience to get experience. Every job, even those at entry level, require years of experience in whatever field. We Millenials are left wanting, and for many of us needing.

Employers have begun realizing that their staff, comprised of Boomers, are ready to retire. Thus, many employers are starting to hire people without experience. One would assume this would be good news for my peers and me, but it is not. As an employer, would a person rather hire a candidate who has been doing labor for five years since graduating or someone with their education in the immediate past? Will Millenials receive its dues?

Michael Franklin Crawford

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