Letter: SSP police are not the problem

To the editor:

My family members served the South St. Paul police department with distinction with service time totaling over 100 years. As a result, I was fortunate enough to witness the first female officer in South St. Paul history be hired, the first African American, two Native Americans, and the first of two Hispanic officers be hired, and recently, the first female Native American/Hispanic promoted to the supervisory role of sergeant.

Shouldn’t Lucky Rosenboom, a former soldier and MP with highly specialized training who exercises the discipline to drive around his block and visually inspect his home, be able to recognize when his own license tabs are expired and not need to be told by an officer?

If Mr. Rosenbloom had wanted to assist our police department with a neighborhood crime prevention meeting to help catch the arsonist, he would be assisted to the fullest extent possible.

South St. Paul and its police department are not willing to be a political platform for anyone. We will welcome any law abiding respectful citizen to our city. Perhaps South St. Paul isn’t the right place for Mr. Rosenbloom. Not because he is black, but because he is disrespectful to our officers doing their jobs.

Jill Vujovich-Laabs
South St. Paul

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