Letter: A letter from mayoral candidate Mary Burg

To the editor:

I am Mary Burg, married 36 years to Ron Burg, two children, Employment Specialist Case Manager at Guild Incorporate, small business owner, Bachelor’s in Applied Management, 2 year diploma in Parks, Grounds and Arboriculture. 

I am running for Mayor because I believe we need better leadership in New Brighton.

As mayor I can provide that leadership required for effectively managing meetings and leadership required for open communication with all council members and community members. I will support the involvement in community required to create better collaboration in organizations and with our elected officials who represent us.

I have learned that people in our community enjoy a high quality of life and feel safe in New Brighton and have come to expect the highest standards for our public safety department. They find it important to have recreational opportunity close to home including biking and walking trails. Most importantly they want good stewards of our resources.

I have 10 years experience as a council member, and I have the insight into the importance of the communication in order for the council members to fulfill their responsibility, I will continue to be an advocate for strong fiscal policy. As mayor I will provide that communication to keep them informed. I have demonstrated my ability and have the experience to fulfill this obligation with thoughtful leadership, proficiency, and discipline. I am Mary Burg and I am asking for you to vote for me for Mayor of New Brighton on November 5th.

City Council Member Mary Burg
New Brighton

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