Letter: ‘Strub: A good neighbor’

To the editor:

Brian Strub will provide new ideas, new energy, and new leadership on the New Brighton City Council. His educational background in political science and mass communication gives Brian the tools to be an effective advocate for financial oversight and transparency in our local government. He knows the importance of building and maintaining relationships with groups and governmental entities within and outside of New Brighton’s borders.

Brian will represent every constituency of our diverse community, from the youngest member to the oldest. He will work closely with a vibrant, diverse, engaged community of people wanting to participate in New Brighton’s future. He will help to stimulate economic, cultural and environmental health while striving to provide a safe place for people to live, work, and pursue a variety of recreational interests. As a frequent visitor to Hansen Park, a volunteer for park and school projects, and an occasional bicycle commuter, Brian knows the value of having safe and accessible community amenities.

As the father of two young children who attend Bel Air School, Brian is in a unique position to craft partnerships between the City and the School District to provide the best possible services using the most efficient means.

Brian is a good neighbor, always interested in what others are doing and thinking, always ready for a conversation, always interested in new ideas and exploring new ways of doing things. Please join me in voting for Brian Strub for New Brighton City Council on Nov. 5, 2013.

Ellen W. Dahl
New Brighton

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