Letter: ‘Bring back citizen engagement’

To the editor:

We have a unique opportunity to bring back citizen engagement to Maplewood. By supporting Diana Longrie for Mayor and Rebecca Cave and Margaret Behrens for City Council on November 5, citizens will be able to approach their government.

Diana Longrie has history of working on economic development projects as a property administrator with Target Corporation for eight years. It was through Diana’s leadership where she pushed for and got the establishment of both the Business and Economic Development Commission (now the Housing and Economic Development Commission) and the Economic Development Authority.

It was through Diana’s leadership where she pushed to have all Board and Commission meeting televised. And finally, it was Diana Longrie who is continuing the fight to keep Maplewood as a member of the Ramsey Washington Suburban Cable Commission so citizens can continue to watch their government in action.

Rebecca Cave also has a strong history of representing citizens and asking the tough questions of staff even if other council members appear to resent it.

Margaret Behrens has a proven record as a public servant.  A twice elected member of the Ramsey County Conservation District, through her leadership and working with other on the District Board helped secure a balance budget and the first budget surplus in 30 years.

Diana, Rebecca and Margaret support small business, want responsive public safety and want to protect our parks and encourage citizen engagement.

A vote for Diana, Rebecca and Margaret is a vote for position leadership and a positive direction.

Joseph Waters

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