Letter: More Support for Mark Traynor

To the editor:

When looking to select school board members it is important to choose individuals who are not only leaders, but who are collaborative in their approach to leadership. Mark Traynor possesses those qualities and I encourage voters to support Mark for the Roseville Area School Board.

I first got to know Mark more than a decade ago when we were both involved in Roseville City government; me as mayor and Mark as a member, and later chair, of the Roseville Planning Commission. The skills that Mark demonstrated there, the ability to thoughtfully analyze issues, to solicit input from other planning commission members, and more importantly from the public, are skills that will make him a valuable member of the school board.

I also know Mark as a parent of children in the Roseville School District and as a director, and later Chair, of the Roseville Area Schools Foundation. I’ve seen Mark’s dedication to Roseville Schools and I know his commitment to making sure that all students are challenged to reach their full potential.

I will be voting for Mark Traynor for the Roseville Area School Board on November 5 and I strongly encourage others to join me.

Craig Klausing

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