Letter: Support for Kitty Gogins

To the editor:

I encourage Roseville citizens to re-elect Kitty Gogins to the school board. My husband and I have been active in our children’s schools for many years and have come to know Kitty well.  We run into Kitty at many events, and always find her interested in our and others’ thoughts on what is happening in our schools.

We appreciate Kitty’s commitment.  We have found her to be focused on high academic achievement, supporting each student to reach their potential. I am a Japanese native, and in Japan education is also very highly valued. When we moved to Roseville 20 years ago, we chose Roseville because of its reputation for strong schools.  For eight of our years here, Kitty has been a member of the School Board, including a term as Board Chair. She has the commitment, interest and experience to win my vote. But I can not vote, because I am not an American citizen.

My husband will vote for Kitty on November 5th, and I hope you will join him in voting for  Kitty.

Yuriko Farmer

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