Letter: Thanks for helping Trenton

To the editor:

Our family would like to thank all the people who attended and donated to the benefit for our 5-year-old son Trenton, who was diagnosed with leukemia last spring.

The benefit turned out better than anyone could have imagined! We figure there were around 1,500 people there from 2-10 p.m. Oct. 12. Actually, lots of people could not wait to get in and were coming around 1!

We are still running some numbers as donations come in but are thinking over $20,000 was raised.

This helps our family so very much; we are able to get some medical bills paid off and hopefully work on our vehicles so they are reliable.

Trenton is doing quite well right now, but all of the medicine they loaded him up with is starting to take a bit of a toll on him. He seems to be more nauseated than usual but it always in pretty good spirits. His muscles and joints are starting to really stiffen up but there isn’t anything we can do about that except just keep doing his exercises and stretches. His hair is all gone now and deals fairly well with that. All in all Trenton does great with everything!

I’ll be posting on Trenton’s progress at www.caringbridge.org/visit.trentonthomas.

Thank you also to the Review for the article on the benefit; it has raised awareness and informed not only our family and friends, but strangers too!

Amanda Karl


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