The three great commandments

Our world is filled with laws, rules and regulations. It was the same way 2,000 years ago when our Lord was on earth. They also had legal people and religious leaders to sort out details. The Master Teacher in every way gave some answers and commandments. Legal scholars and religious leaders tried to trap Him.

When they asked Him about the greatest commandments; He gave only two: 1. You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. 2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

He said that these were the greatest commandments and that all of the others hung on them.

How can we ever start to keep these to perfection? Every day is filled with opportunities. What we do is up to us. All that we are, have or can do is given to us by God to use. This gives us great resources.

Our Lord also gave a final great command before He left to go back up to heaven. In Mark 16:15 He said, “Go into all the world ad preach the gospel to every creature.” Where to start and how to proceed? He gave instructions for that. He told his followers that they were to be His witnesses in their home town, state, nation and to the end of the earth.

Both we as individuals and our churches can be involved in this. There are many wonderful foreign missions outreaches available for which to pray and give. Our nation and state also have endless opportunities.

My dear wife and I have had a long involvement with The Salvation Army, Union Gospel Mission, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, and jail and prison ministries. One little example was Halloween. We gave out candy, a children’s New Testament and a children’s gospel tract. Inner-city groups came by the van load.

All witnessing has the purpose of bringing people into the family of God and helping them get involved in Bible reading and prayer. How simple to repent, ask forgiveness and ask the Lord to come into our hearts and lives. We have all been born of flesh. Born again is when God’s Spirit comes in and helps us.

For the 2013 club, Oct. 27 takes us to Jeremiah 22 and II Timothy 1.

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