Letter: Continue supporting schools

To the editor:

As a community member, I believe a strong school district is critical to a community’s health. When our kids and schools do well, our communities are strong and vibrant.

As a professional, I’ve spent 20 years helping numerous public organizations across the country strategize how to deliver better results within budget. I wish more were as great as the Mounds View School District - able to envision success and then plan for and execute on all the work it takes to make it happen. You see it everyday in the work that teachers and staff do in our schools and classrooms helping every student succeed. Every student. Our investment is returning excellent results.

As a parent, Mounds View Public Schools has contributed to the academic and personal development of each of my three children. Their elementary, middle and high school teachers have treated them as individuals, challenged them to learn and grow and helped them develop into young adults.

On November 5, voters will be asked to approve an expiring levy renewal. It will not increase taxes from the current level. It will provide $11.5 million annually for the District to maintain class sizes and program offerings.

My kids have loved and benefited from their school experience. I couldn’t be more proud to say they attend Mounds View Public Schools. We can’t take excellent work for granted. We need to continue supporting our schools and approve the levy renewal on the November 5 ballot. Please join me in voting Yes!

Laurie Ohmann
Co-chair, Neighbors United
Mounds View

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