Letter: Concerned citizen

To the editor:

The world is changing. Will New Brighton change with it? I have lived in New Brighton 6 years. In the last few, I have had the honor of meeting amazing people. The New Brighton I know is full of hard workers, teachers, farmers, librarians, chicken owners, police officers, church-goers, rooster keepers, republicans, democrats, bee keepers, gay people, straight people, and differently-abled people.  

I am sad to say, I came to know these wonderful New Brighton neighbors after meeting the other New Brighton first. I met a New Brighton that I believe is elitist, ageist, prejudice and homophobic. I met City Council members that appear to believe we are an “elite” aging community, rather than a diverse community with an average income and age of 40. I have been humiliated and ignored by voices speaking for our community. I am appalled any household in this city would be referred to publicly as an “issue,” rather than a valuable taxpayer and constituent to be heard.  

The changing world values sustainability, creativeness and industry. It’s becoming progressive and inclusive. New Brighton has always been this, but our current elected council refuses to acknowledge and adapt to a changing world and changing New Brighton.    

We need council members that appreciate the uniqueness of this incredible city. We need Mary Kunesh-Podein, Brian Strub and Graeme Allen for a City Council that sees, hears and honors the New Brighton we have come to love.

Courtney Morton
New Brighton


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