Having a good week

Hopefully this has been a good week for you who read this column. It was especially busy and good for me. Sunday was church and Sunday school. Monday was jail ministry day. Tuesday is our food shelf and nursing home visitation day.

Wednesday and Thursday a large group of us gave out several thousand New Testaments to the University of Minnesota students. Friday morning we had our annual North St. Paul Prayer breakfast. It was probably the best ever. Saturday morning is our Gideons prayer breakfast. We read and pray. Everyone of these responsibilities and activities was a joyful, rewarding and blessed experience for me. Norma and I are involved in many of our ministries together. It is a real pleasure to reminisce about these experiences as the years come and go. Probably 150,000 to 200,000 Bibles and New Testaments were received and distributed from the shelves in my garage between 1970 and 2010. We receive Bibles from several sources.

We spend time with our wives or husbands, our children and grandchildren. We fellowship with Christian sisters and  brothers. Regardless of our age, education, financial status or whatever, we can spend our time doing worthwhile activities.

Something I like to tell both incarcerated inmates and the older people is that prayer is probably the most important ministry that we do. Prayer helps us spend our lives for the Lord.

Let’s not have anymore boring or worthless weeks. It is too much fun doing that which counts for God and eternity. During much of the last 40 plus years, it has been my privilege to give out scriptures. There are many Americans who do not have a copy of God’s Word.

Personally I give out a variety of modern English translations. The receivers reading ability or needs often determine the kind that I give. Drug addicts and alcoholics need recovery Bibles. Pocket New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs are nice to carry in our pockets or purses. Around 1960 we started giving out modern English translations. Our food shelf gives out food and has New Testaments, daily bread devotionals and children’s Bible story books available.

I still have my old King James Scofield Bible that I used in Bible College from 1948-50. It will always be a treasure. And when we meet with the Gideons we use the English Standard Version Bible (ESV).

For the 2013 club, Oct. 6 takes us to Isaiah 36 and Philippians 2.

Let’s all remember to meditate, rejoice, pray and work. Have a good and joyous two weeks.

Crist Langelett writes a twice-monthly column on faith. He is a chaplain for the city of North St. Paul and the Washington County Jail. He is also a volunteer at the local food shelf.

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