Letter: “You’ve been flocked!”

To the editor:

This past summer residents of Shoreview, Arden Hills, North Oaks and Vadnais Heights found themselves victims of a spirited Mounds View High School Girls Golf Team Fundraiser.

The girls began “Flamingo Flocking” to raise money to purchase 25 new golf bags.

The nightly covert operation was led by team captain Felicia Kienitz. Under cover of darkness the flock of 60 pink flamingos arrived at predetermined locations in a Flamingo Transport Unit (a.k.a. Lincoln Navigator). The girls parked in clandestine locations and met up at the FTU for flamingo distribution and roosting instructions.

As the flocking season progressed, so did their stealth. Often with only the moon and stars to light their way, they silently moved through pitch black yards barely a clinking of flamingo legs to be heard. Bushes and trees provided camouflage as team members passed gracefully through lit yards, past open windows and doors, unhindered by the watchful eye of spying neighbors and barking dogs.

For a donation, the team guided the flock on its migration through many yards throughout the community with special messages from the senders. Roosting occasions varied but most often were simply to surprise their victim the next morning with a flock roosting in their yard. The flocking (and free aeration service) was met with great enthusiasm. Best of all, the team is on its way to buying new golf bags for the 2014 Season. The MVHS Girls Golf Team extends a big thank you to all who donated toward their cause.

Sylvia Kienitz
North Oaks

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