Letter: Sports Center finances

To the editor:
It is most interesting to note the massive loss the city of Vadnais Heights and all of the investors are going to take in the sale of their large Sports Center when it sells for half of what it cost to finance it.

When proposed the Vadnais Heights City Council was told by those who wanted it that it would be a large money maker and even make a profit for the city. (Remind  you of the profits of pull tabs that state legislators were told would  finance the Vikings stadium?)

That brings back some not so fond memories of the same promises made to the Roseville City Council by those who wanted the John Rose Oval, many of whom were not even residents of Roseville. In fact I remember one such promise, that when built it would make so much money that it would reduce the property taxes of all Roseville citizens.

Now with more than 20 years experience with the Oval, it has never reaped big profits. In fact, the Oval operation was merged with the Arena a few years ago to stabilize its finances.

I would hope that the lesson learned here and in Vadnais Heights would come to light if and when there is ever a consideration brought up concerning building a Roseville sports and civic center. It should also be an eye opener to the Ramsey County commissioners who want to take over the Vadnais SportsCenter.

R. J. Houck

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