South-West Review Police Reports Sept. 8, 2013

West St. Paul

Suspicious activity
--Who needs a park bench? An officer stopped to check on a man found sleeping in the boulevard on the 300 block of Butler Ave. Sept. 2. Oddly (for this type of situation) the man had no warrants and was not under the influence of any substances. He said he was simply tired from a long walk. The officer helped him shorten the journey with a ride to South St. Paul.
--Who hasn’t made this blunder? An officer stopped to check in with a man who waved him down outside of Taco Bell in the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 3. The man explained he thought he was hailing a cab, but the officer recognized him as a possible suspect in a prior incident. He was later released without charges.
--A resident called police Sept. 2 to report a disturbing incident with a mechanic she’d hired for a home repair. The woman said she’d paid the man after he completed the work; however, he requested sex instead of money and seemed upset when the woman rejected the idea. Officers advised the woman to take caution and call 911 immediately if she saw the man on her property again.

Auto theft
--A resident on the 1000 block of Winslow Ave. reported two men accosted him as he arrived home Sept. 2 and stole his white Chevy Suburban. The man told police the men claimed his car as collateral for an unpaid debt from his past. The men also took his wallet and insisted he meet them later to pay up.
--A Pontiac G6 was reported stolen from an underground garage on the 1600 block of Humboldt Ave. Sept. 3.

--With so many convenient offerings in one place, being banned is triply hard to handle: an employee at Cub Foods called police Sept. 2 to report a man in the parking who had been banned from the store for multiple shoplifting offenses. The employee told the responding officer the man had been coming back routinely since then to use Cub’s TCF Bank branch. The officer then met with the man, who said he thought the order only meant he could no longer shop in the store. The officer explained he was not allowed to use the bank or the liquor annex or be on the grounds at all, and let the man leave with a warning.

Disturbing the peace
-- Getting your significant other to get along with the in-laws can be tough for anyone, but you know you’ve got a tough case when meeting in public areas won’t subdue the rancor: an employee at Perkins called police Sept. 2 to report throwing out three customers after a woman got into a spat with her boyfriend’s sister. Reportedly the boyfriend had to separate the two and all parties left at the request of management. Police pulled over the boyfriend and girlfriend as they were driving away from the restaurant to talk over the incident and ended up citing the boyfriend for driving without a license.

Inver Grove Heights

Disorderly conduct
--There’s nothing like doing laundry to put everyone in a bad mood: a customer at a truck stop on the11000 block of Courthouse Blvd. asked an employee to clear up a dispute with another trucker in the laundry area Aug. 11. According to first trucker, the second trucker wouldn’t stop rushing him through the process because he wanted to start his own load. Instead of calming down with a moderator, however, the two men became even more upset and almost came to fisticuffs if not for the intervention of the employee and another customer. Police warned the two men to stay away from each other and then advised the second trucker to take his clothes and attitude somewhere else.

--Nearly 100 tires were dumped behind buildings on the 5200 and 5300 blocks of Greystone Ave. in three separate incidents over the week preceding Aug. 15. So far no one has reported having seen the culprits in action.

--Some people are so hard to help: police were called to King of Diamonds Aug. 10 to deal with an unruly customer. According to the bouncer, he’d advised the man take a cab because of his intoxication, but the man refused. When the customer attempted to climb into his vehicle the bouncer stopped him, and the man took off running (for unclear reasons). The bouncer managed to collect the man and detain him until officers could transport him to detox.

Auto theft
--It’s always prudent to hand your keys to a designated driver if you plan to drink, but make sure you get them back eventually: a man called police Aug. 13 to report his vehicle had been stolen from the AmericInn parking lot after a night of heavy drinking. The man explained his sober friend had done him a favor by driving his car back to the hotel, but unfortunately he left the keys inside the car when he parked. The car, along with the owner’s cell phone, was gone when the owner came out of the hotel late the next morning. But if friends got him into the bind, they also got him out: one of them found the man’s phone in the bushes outside the hotel and the next day spotted the car outside a dollar store in South St. Paul, where it had apparently been abandoned.

South St. Paul

Disorderly conduct
--There’s nothing like spending time with family over Labor Day weekend: police responded to a report of a disturbance at 13th Ave. and Southview Blvd. Aug. 31. There they met with a man at a bus stop who was upset because, according to him, his cousin had punched him. The man also happened to be heavily intoxicated and belligerent with officers. Upon learning the detox center was full, the officers’ only option was to drop the man at his brother’s house on Second Avenue with directions to put him to bed immediately. Unfortunately, that’s not how it went: police received a call from the cousin (the alleged puncher) about 20 minutes later saying the man kept calling him and trying to start a fight. Police also heard from a dispatcher who said the man had been calling 911 and speaking abusively to the operator. Officers returned to the brother’s house to settle the man down, but found him more wound up than ever, standing in the front yard spewing an extensive list of obscenities. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and proceeded to head-butt/kick the partition in the squad car all the way to the jail, where he was placed in an isolation cell. Jail staff reported the man maintained the antics long after the responding officers left.

--A resident on the 400 block of Third Ave. called police Aug. 30 to report someone had stolen a package from Amazon off the front porch that contained a new egg poacher.

Damage to property
--Police responded to a gas station on the 1000 block of Concord St. July 14 after a customer drove away from the pump with the hose still in his vehicle. The manager identified the customer by his debit card and told police alcohol may have been a factor. Police stopped by the residence associated with the suspect and met with the suspect’s mother, who said she’d have her son call in. He eventually did, explaining to an officer he realized his error about a mile after he left the gas station. To fix the problem, the man said he pulled over, got out of his car and threw the hose into a nearby driveway before driving off again. The officer then suggested a few better ways to handle the situation, should the need arise again. (Fortunately the driveway belonged to a regular customer of the gas station, who later returned the nozzle.) Alls well that ends well, however: the gas station manager called police Aug. 29 to say the man’s mother came by the station and paid for the $95 pump repair bill, thereby resolving the issue to his satisfaction.

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