Drunken boxing match; Pokemon collector


Down for the count: An officer arrived at an apartment complex on the 4000 block of Geneva Avenue Aug. 16 to an unofficial boxing match in the parking lot. Three male combatants had donned boxing gloves and were taking punches at each other, drinking all the while.
The officer asked the men to go inside, and all parties complied.


Not driving today: Three of four tires on a man’s vehicle on the 4000 block of Geneva Avenue were punctured with an unknown object between 5 and 10:30 p.m. Aug. 18, causing about $300 of damage. There are no suspects.

Pellet damage: Officers checked out a residence on the 6100 block of Upper 35th Street N. Aug. 19 after a resident called to report property damage to siding and a light fixture. The officer noted a small hole in the light fixture, possibly caused by a BB or pellet gun, as well as a small crack in the siding near the light fixture. Damage is estimated at about $250. There are no suspects, and police were not able to find any pellets at the scene.

Suspicious activity

Gotta catch ‘em all: A caller reported someone on a bicycle peering into vehicles in a business parking lot on the 8300 block of 3rd Street N. Officers located the individual, who confirmed that he had been looking into a white truck to get a better look at a Pokemon card on the dashboard. Officers noted that there was indeed a Pokemon card on the vehicle’s dashboard, though the name of the cartoon character was not listed in the report.


License plate leverage: On Aug. 17, a resident on the 6200 block of12th Street N. reported his vehicle’s license plates stolen by a known suspect. Officers ran the vehicle’s registration, finding it under the suspect’s name. The resident said he bought the vehicle from the suspect in March for $400, but had only paid him $200. The officer spoke with the suspect, who said he would return the license plates after he was paid the remaining $200. There was no written purchase agreement for the vehicle. Officers told the individuals the matter should be settled in court.

Eager reader: A man called the Oakdale Police Department to report a stolen Kindle Fire with an estimated value at $254.23. He believed one of his friends took the e-reader from his home on the 900 block of Greenway Avenue earlier that day. He completed a theft report, but did not know the 16-digit serial number of the device.

Stolen bicycle: A child’s bicycle was reported missing on the 3900 block of Granada Avenue near a community playground Aug. 11. The bike was not locked at the time, and the serial number is unknown. There are no suspects.

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