Man shot by police charged in domestic violence case

Reginald C Sutherlin

Identity of officer who shot him revealed

The man who was shot by St. Paul police late Sunday night on the East Side faces an array of charges in connection with a months-long stalking case.

Reginald Craig Sutherlin, 53, was shot near Earl Street North and Geranium Avenue East as he reportedly attempted to flee police, who were acting on active warrants related to the case.

The Ramsey County attorney's office formally charged Sutherlin on Tuesday, July 30. He faces charges of assault, two counts of stalking, and two counts of making terroristic threats, according to a criminal complaint.

Two victims listed in the complaint include his 43-year-old girlfriend and her 15-year-old son.

Sutherlin had previously been found near the intersection where he was shot Sunday. In a 9-1-1 call from the 1000 block of Geranium Ave E. on July 18, Sutherlin's girlfriend reportedly told police he'd assaulted her.

She told police that she had gone to the adddress expecting to find a female acquaintance, but instead was face-to-face with Sutherlin, who immediately punched and choked her before leaving on foot.

As he was leaving, he yelled "get out of here, you (expletive), or I"m going to kill you," she told police. She claimed Sutherlin had strangled her so badly that she "saw stars."

In another incident on June 29, Sutherlin allegedly came to the woman's house while she was at a laundromat and threatened her son. Sutherlin demanded the boy's phone, after which he became hostile, threatening the youngster.

"Swing at me so I can throw you off this balcony!" he reportedly yelled at the boy.

At least four separate incidents involving Sutherlin and the family are listed in the complaint.

A dramatic arrest

St. Paul Police attempted to arrest Sutherlin on Sunday, July 28, near Earl Street North and Geranium Avenue East, according to a statement from the police department.

Sutherlin fled, allegedly driving his vehicle towards a police officer.

"Sutherlin drove his vehicle in the immediate direction of a responding officer who was on foot," a statement from police reads.

The officer, standing on the street, fired several rounds and wounded Sutherlin, said St. Paul spokesman Howie Padilla.

Despite being shot, Sutherlin continued to flee, driving for about a mile before crashing his car in an alleyway on the 900 block of Reaney Avenue.

He then got out of his car and fled on foot, police said. He made it only a short distance before officers caught him.

St. Paul Fire Department medics then brought Sutherlin to Regions Hospital where he was treated and then transferred to the Ramsey County Jail.

No officers were hurt during the incident.

The police officer who shot Sutherlin was identified Tuesday as 12-year veteran Mark Farrington.

He went on three-day administrative leave starting Monday, which is standard in such incidents, Padilla said.

Farrington has now been involved in three recent incidents where he shot at a suspect who was allegedly driving a vehicle at police. In October of 2012, Farrington was involved in incident where 41-year-old Victor Gaddy was shot and killed after he allegedly tried to ram cop cars to evade arrest on the East Side.

Problematic relationship

After being arrested on Sunday, July 28, Sutherlin described a "long-standing, problematic relationship" with the 43-year-old woman, the criminal complaint states.

He reportedly told police he knew they were after him because of domestic violence incidents, saying a warrant was issued "because I was supposed to have beat her up and threw her down," according to the complaint.

Sutherlin told police he was visiting another woman named Jackie the night of July 28. He said that the 43-year-old victim came to confront Jackie but found Sutherlin there. He accused the victim of "setting him up to be arrested," the complaint states.

Sutherlin has previous domestic violence-related offenses within the last 10 years, which enhance his current charges to felony status, according to the complaint. He was convicted of fifth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, in 2004 as well as domestic assault, a felony, in 2008. Both convictions took place in Ramsey County court.

Sutherlin is currently being held in the Ramsey County Jail on a $60,000 bail. His first court appearance was at 1:20 p.m. Tuesday at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center.

Additional charges related to the case are pending, according to Dennis Gerhardstein, spokesman at the Ramsey County attorney's office.

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